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We distribute high-quality consumer products of superior brands.

Why choosing Clair?

Visibly Clean, Elegantly Designed and Reasonably Priced

Captures Ultrafine Particles

Its patented e2f filter can capture particles < 0.1 μm which far exceeds the capabilities of general HEPA filters of 2.5 μm

Easy Cleaning

e2f filter is designed for easy cleaning and replacement

Quiet Operation

Generates sound as quiet as in a library or a whisper, even on high settings. 

Innovative Design

Recognized superior design and innovative technology

Low Power Consumption

Operates 24 hours a day with minimal cost on your electric bill

Made in Korea

All Clair products including filters are made in Korea

Capture Utlrafine Particles

Capture Particles

Our lungs are incapable of filtering out particles smaller than 2.5μm, meaning we are vulnerable to the effects of ultrafine particles – unless we do something about it.  Clair air purifiers have been proven to filter out particles smaller than 0.1μm, which far exceeds the requirement for HEPA filters, which are only rated to filter out particles 2.5μm in general. Its patented e2f filter not only captures ultrafine particles, it also captures airborne viruses.  The size of viral particles range from 80nm (0.08μm) to 120nm (1.2μm), which is well within the capabilities of Clair air purifiers to filter out from the air you breathe.

  • Can capture ultrafine particles such as Viruses, Bacteria, Germs, Fungus, Mold, Allergens, VOCs (Toluene, Benzene and Formaldehyde), Cigarette Smoke and Pets hair etc.

  • Based on the principle of attracting polarized contaminants in the air, the electrostatic E2F filter can collect the ultrafine particles as small as 0.1um by using their polarized film consists of polar + and non-polar - .


Quiet Operation

Most air purifiers in the market have problem with the level of sound they generate, even on low settings. However, Clair air purifiers are different from the rest.  Due to the low power consumption of Clair air purifiers and no need for powerful fans, Clair air purifiers generates less noise even on high settings. They are as quiet as a quiet library or a whisper in a quiet room.

Sound Test of Clair Ring 2 in a sound-proof room

Sound Test of Clair Wind in a sound-proof room

Low Power

Low Power Consumption

Clair air purifiers are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike other HEPA filter-based air purifiers which require powerful fans to push air through the fine mesh that captures airborne particles, Clair's patented e2f filter works on a completely different philosophy to capture particles in the air.

Larger particles are captured by the filter itself while the smaller particles are captured by the static electricity charge inherent in the e2f filter.  The static electricity attracts the particles and the particles stick to the filter itself.  This allows for a smaller, quieter fan without the need for an ionizer. This explains why Clair air purifiers can be operated 24x7 with low power consumption.

Power Consumption of Clair Ring 2

2.4W x 24hrs/1000 = 0.06 kWh x $1.1/kWh * x 7 days = $0.46

($0.46/week x 52 weeks = $24)

* Based on CLP average rate / kWh for reference

Power Consumption of Clair Wind

5.3W x 24hrs/1000 = 0.13 kWh x $1.1/kWh * x 7 days = $1

($1/week x 52 weeks = $52)

* Based on CLP average rate / kWh for reference

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Clair's patented e2f filter was designed for easy cleaning and replacement. Unlike HEPA filters, which much be replaced every few months due to the accumulation of dust that cannot be removed, the e2f filter can be cleaned simply vacuuming the dust off the top portion of the filter, that can be lasted for 12 to 18 months.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Clair has received recognition in the International Innovation Design & Technology exhibit in Hong Kong. Its air purifiers have modern design that blends in with your furniture, even possibly adding to the décor of your home. 


Made in Korea

All Clair products including filters are made in Korea with its own service centre. Quality of Clair products are reliable and trusted by customers.

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